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It may almost be tax season, but it is definately lacrosse season! I have been doing my part to convert everyone I can to be Roughnecks fans!! (Two games at the saddledome this weekend if you are looking for something to do Feb 2 & 3. We will also be running a giveaway for 2 tickets to the  February 24th game against the Philedelphia Wings in a seperate mail out 🙂

  • February 29th RRSP deadline for 2023 tax year 
  • February 29th – WCB & Worksafe annual return filing deadline (please remember to send us your worksafe codes) 
  • March 30 – T3 trust filing deadline 
  • April 30th – personal tax filing for non self-employed persons 
  • April 30th – filing deadline for 2022 and 2023 UHT returns (we are not expecting any further extensions) 
  • April 30th – all personal tax owing is due and begins incurring interest after this date 
  • June 15th- self-employed persons tax filing deadline (taxes owing were due April 30)